Kickoff symposium Saga University

"The elucidation and prediction project of environmental change in the Ariake Ocean"


-The present condition and future of ten years after large-scale laver decoloring, and the Ariake sea accident research-
In the Ariake sea inner part, it suffered the decoloring damage of the large-scale dried seaweed in Heisei 12 which passed from the deadline of the Isahaya Bay tide receptacle bank for three years.
Taking advantage of it, the surveillance study of the Ariake sea is activated and various problems, such as generating of oxygen-deficient water, a sharp decrease of the fish catch of a bivalve, and frequent occurrence of red tide, came to be taken up greatly.
Moreover, independent committees, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Ariake sea laver bad harvest, were made, and "the law (what is called Ariake sea Special Measures Law) about the special measures for reproducing the Ariake sea and the Yatsushiro sea" was enforced in Heisei 14.
Thus, the starting point from which the environmental problem of the Ariake sea came to attract attention from the whole country as a "Ariake sea accident" reaches the dried-seaweed decoloring damage in Heisei 12.
It has been the 10th year exactly by this year since the Ariake sea accident problem came to attract attention as a nationwide problem ignited by this dried-seaweed decoloring damage.
For the year of this turning point, the new project research for the elucidation of the environmental change in the Ariake sea and prediction is started in Saga University.
Then, I arrange in the start of project research about understanding in ten years about causes, those relation, etc. of each phenomenon of the Ariake sea accident problem, the left-behind subject, etc., and wish to consider the research which we should tackle from now on.
In a Saga University low flat-ground nearshore-waters research center, it is in charge of the start of "the elucidation of the environmental change in the Ariake sea, and a prediction project", and kickoff symposium is held at the following time and places.
Please participate.

DateSat., July 10, 2010 13:00~18:00
ContactInstitute of Lowland and Marine Research, Saga University
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