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Objectives of Renewing Institute of Lowland Technology (ILT)

  Institute of Lowland Technology (ILT) was established in 1991 with a 10 years time limit. ILT has conducted intensive researches on disaster prevention and environment technologies under lowland environment, and actively participated in the education programs of Saga University. The proposed tasks of at the time of ILT establishment have been fulfilled successfully and its activities are highly evaluated by researchers and engineers outside ILT. However, the global environment becomes more serious and several new tasks related to lowland emerged and further researches are required. Especially, researchs on subjects, such as disaster prevention technology in soft subsoil area and integrated water management technology need to be enhanced and the scopes need to be expanded.

  With full supports of Saga University, from April 2001, the ILT has been expanded and renewed with 3 branches. Over next ten years, ILT will carry out academic researches on geosphere environmental, aquasphere environmental and inhabitsphrer environmental engineering of lowland and it will also devote itself to solve both local and international problems on lowland in order to regenerate and create urban environment of lowland. ILT aims to develop the techniques which prevent the natural environment and create good residential environment in lowland for the 21th century.

  Support and cooperation from those who are related to ILT will be appreciated.


Research Organization

  ILT carries out investigations and researches with full support of Saga University as well as active involvement and cooperation of research institutions worldwide.




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