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Research Policy and Tasks

 Saga Plain locates on a famous very soft Ariake clay deposit. It faces Ariake Sea with a tidal range as high as 6 meters. Most lowlands locate between mountains and seas where the water can be easily gathered. As a result, lowlands have become the most active areas on earth for productive activities of human beings and other creatures. Therefore, to create a comfortable residential environment in lowland is a very important task. On the other hand lowland is easily affected by flood and polluted because of its topographical characteristics.

 ILT as a unique institute on lowland technology in Japan will primarily carry out researches focusing on the problems on coastal lowland around Ariake Sea. Also, it aims to become a core research institute on lowland problems worldwide by publishing the high level research results.

 To create or establish lowland science and as a new paradigm, ILT proposes the following research topics.

Research Topics

Division/Research Topics

Lowland Geosphere Environmental Engineering

・Research on lowland geoenvironmental and geotechnical engineering

・Completion of lowland disaster prevention support system

・Development of ground contamination prevention and remediation techniques

・Development of ground improvement techniques for very soft ground

(Other subjects: new investigation, design and construction methods using GIS, geological and earth scientifical investigation on the characteristics of lowlands in Asia)

Lowland Aquasphere Environmental Engineering

・Research on water environmental system

・Surface water flow, groundwater flow and mass transport in estuary

・Water environment and ecosystem of lowlands

・Planning theory and management on water resources of lowlands

(Other subjects: advanced water control and management system of lowlands and development of wastewater treatment system using new functional materials)

Lowland Inhabitsphere Environmental Engineering

・Analysis on the influence of lowland infrastructure development to its economic development

・City development and planning technology under lowland environment

・Research on creating residential amenity space of lowland

(Other subjects: regional characteristics and developing histories of Asian lowlands, metabolism of cities in lowland and their environmental system)




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