Access to Saga

1.How to Access to Saga from the Fukuoka Airport

The Fukuoka airport is located on the North-East area of Saga airport. There are many flights in a day at the airport. If you use the Fukuoka airport, you will have to transfer to a bus, or a subway and a train.

After exiting domestic passenger terminals (see the bus stop area map), please go to the domestic terminal 2 bus station. Then, you can see an information desk around the area. You will be able to purchase a ticket for Saga, which costs 1000 yen, at the information desk. After getting the ticket, please stand in a line at the No.2 and wait the expressway bus for Saga.

In case of using a subway and a train, at first, you will take a subway for the Hakata railway station. It will take about 5 minutes and it costs 250 yen. At the Hakata station, you have to change for Saga to the Nagasaki Line by using a limited express train. It will take about 40 minutes and it will cost about 2300 yen.

2.How to access to Saga from the Saga Airport

The Saga Airport is a regional airport, so there are a few flights in a day.
According to the flight schedule, the Bus Timetable is as follows:

It takes about 30 minutes to the Saga railroad station by bus. It costs 600 yen.
If you use a taxi, you can arrive at your hotel directly. It will cost about 4000 yen.