Guideline for Preparatioin of the INTERCOH2005 ABSTRACT

The following file shows a print sample of the camera-ready manuscript for the INTERCOH2005 ABSTRACTS. Its text describes instructions to prepare the manuscripts: the layout; the font styles and sizes; and others. If you replace the text or the figures in the present file by your own ones, using CUT & PASTE procedures, you can easily make your own manuscripts.


The purpose of the abstract is to provide detailed information about the paper, including the presentation of results, to enable the reader to appreciate the contribution being made. If the submitted abstract does not satisfy this criterion, the Scientific Committee will not accept it for inclusion in the Conference.

Please send your abstract in Adobe PDF Portable Document Format file as email attachment to the following address before June 30, 2005:

Ms M. Yahiro
Secretary, INTERCOH2005
Institute of Lowland Technology, Saga University
Honjo 1, Saga 840-8502, JAPAN
Phone: +81-952-28-8582 / Fax: +81-952-28-8189