A Tentative Schedule of Technical Tour ( September 23, 11:00-18:00)
#Appointed time : 11:00 on Sept. 23
#Appointed place : Hall in front of the conference meeting
# Terminal place: the Hotel New Otani, Saga where is supposed to banquet.
#Registration fee : Free*
(* Note: It is included in the conference fee, except for accompanying person.)
-Visit to a Special Product Exhibition in Saga Arita Porcelain Park (Arita Town)
-Visit to a Tidal Area in the Ariake Sea Kashima Road Park (Kashima City) & Ariake Fisheries Research Center, Saga Prefecture
-Visit to a Historical Site in Saga Ruins of Saga Castle(Saga City)
If you want to attend the tour, please fill in and send the following entry sheet in registration page by the end of August, 2005 :