Saga Prefecture is located in the northwestern part of Kyushu Island and faces Ariake Bay, where the maximum tidal range is about 6m.
Saga city, a typical Japanese castle town, gives you a feeling of traditional Japan at its various historic sites. The presence of creeks and fields create a comfortable lowland environment.
Surrounded by rich nature, Saga serves local specialties such as excellent rice, well-known marbled beef, and a variety of fresh seafood.
Public transportation and rent-a-car are available for access to nearby tourist attractions, including the remains of a 2000 year old Japanese moat-encircled community (Yoshinogari), the world famous ceramics towns of Arita and Imari, the widest tidal flats in Japan (the Ariake Sea), the spectacular scenery of one of the world largest calderas (Mt.Fuji), and popular hot springs.

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