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institute of lowland technology     international association of lowland technology

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Lowland Research Association

Department of Civil Engineering, Saga University

Saga Prefecture, Saga City

Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Western Branch

Water Environment Society, Kyushu Branch


Summing up of ISLT 2006

ISLT 2006 got successfully ended on September 16, 2006 which  was started  on September 14. Totally 132 delegates participated in 18 technical sessions. Among  the participants, 63  were from Japan, 46 persons were from Asia (excluding Japan), and 7 persons were from Europe and 6 person were from North America. Totally, 92 speakers (including Special Lecturers and Keynote Speakers) orally presented  their contributions.

ISLT 2006 received totally 108 selected papers, which are included in the ISLT 2006 Proceedings. 62 papers are from Asia (excluding Japan), 30 papers are from Japan, 9 papers are from Europe and 7 papers are from North America. Each paper was peer-reviewed by 2 reviewers. All the names of 46 reviewers are listed in the ISLT 2006 Proceedings acknowledging  their  valuable help.

It is the first time that International Symposium on Lowland Technology set up the Best Presentation Award. 4 oral speakers received ISLT 2006 Best Presentation Award in the Banquet, September 15: Mr. W.F. Abdulrazaq (Canada), Mr. M.A. Moqsud (Japan), Ms. B. Stalenberg (the Netherlands), and Mr. S. Li (China). A certificate and a Japanese traditional pottery were given to each winner.

ISLT 2008 will be in Pusan, Korea. Please do not miss this good chance to enjoin ISLT 2008!


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