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How to Access to Saga from the Fukuoka Airport


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The Fukuoka airport is located on the North-East area of Saga airport. There are many flights in a day at the airport. If you use the Fukuoka airport, you will have to transfer to a bus, or a subway and a train.


How to get to Saga from Fukuoka Airport

* By BUS

After existing terminals, go to an arrival lobby, a bus stop is located in your left hand side. Please take the bus for Saga from the bus stop. The departure time of the bus for Saga is as follows:

9:20      8:52      9:12 9:47 10:27       11:12      11:42       12:27      13:07   13:42       14:12    14:42     15:12       15:52      16:22

More information can be asked at the information desk of the Airport. The bus arrives at the Saga Bus Station in within one hour. The bus fare is 1000 yen. You can pay for this fee directly before getting out the bus.

* By Train

In case of using a subway and a train, at first, you will take a subway for the Hakata railway station. It will take about 5 minutes and it costs 250 yen. At the Hakata station, you have to get on a train to Saga for the Nagasaki Line by using a limited express train. It will take about 40 minutes and it will cost about 900 yen.


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