7th International Symposium on Lowland Technology

(ISLT) 2010

Saga, Japan

 September 16-18, 2010
In Cooperation with:
Lowland Research Association (LORA), Japan
Department of Civil Engineering,

Chairman of ISLT 2010

Professor H. Araki

Introduction and Objective

"Lowland" denotes regions of low elevation, which are particularly vulnerable to climatic and environmental changes.  For example, global warming, which appears to be causing a rise in sea level, must ultimately affect the safety of coastal dikes and other coastal infrastructures, as well as threaten the water and ecological systems in lowland areas. Lowland regions are also particularly susceptible to natural disasters. Action is now required for the development of new technologies to protect and develop lowland areas and to solve the environmental problems currently being faced in these regions. To achieve this aim, it will be necessary to draw on and to merge several disciplines, such as geotechnical engineering, water resources, city planning, coastal engineering and geographical information system etc.

The first International Symposium on Lowland Technology (ISLT) was held in 1998 and since then these international symposia have been held every two years.  ISLT1998, 2000,2002 and 2006 were held in Saga, Japan. The ISLT 2004 and ISLT 2008, were held in Bangkok, Thailand and Busan, Korea, respectively. ISLT2010 will the seventh in the series and will be held again in Saga, Japan.

The objective of ISLT2010 is therefore to bring together researchers and engineers working in lowland regions, from a broad range of disciplines, in order to present their research results, exchange information, facilitate networking, and to promote and advance technologies related to lowland development.

Theme of ISLT 2010

I . Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering
a) Properties of soils
b) Ground improvement and geosynthetics
c) Land subsidence
d) Geoenvironmental issues in lowland area
e) Sustainable infrastructures on lowland

f) Coastal and river bank erosion mitigation

II . Water/Environmental Engineering

a) Water resources and watershed management
b) Wastewater treatment and water purification
c) Water pollution in river, lake and coastal area
d) Flood control
e) Groundwater contamination and management

f) Global warming and lowlands

III . City Planning and Management

a) Coastal and water front planning
b) Environmental assessment for urban development
c) Urban design and development planning
d) Creative restructuring and preservation of urban environment
e) Transportation planning for sustainable development

f) Solid waste management for urban areas

IV. Coastal Engineering

a) Coastal, harbor and offshore engineering
b) Ecological, hydrological, geochemical and biological processes
c) Protection, prevention or mitigation of coastal environments

d) Monitoring and modeling in estuaries

V. GIS Application for Lowland Management

a) Spatial analysis and temporal analysis
b) Database management system
c) Simulation model
d) Web GIS  
e) 3DGIS

Organizing Committee

Prof. H. Araki (Chair, Japan)
Prof. D. T. Bergado (Thailand)
Prof. B. B. Budkowska (Canada)
Prof. J.-C. Chai (Japan)
Prof. Y.-J. Du (China)
Prof. S. Hayashi (Japan)
Prof. K. Hokao (Japan)
Prof. K. Koga (Japan)
Dr. W. Liengcharernsit (Thailand)
Mr. K. Ogata  (Japan)
Prof. S.-L. Shen (China)
Dr. F. H. M. van de Ven (Netherlands)

International Advisory Committee

Prof. H. B. Poorooshasb (Chair, Canada)
Dr. M. Alfaro (Canada)
Prof. J. P. Carter (Australia)
Dr. D. Eom (Korea)
Prof. T. Y. Gan (Canada)
Prof. M. E. Grismer (USA)
Dr. J. Han (USA)
Dr. O. Hoes (Netherlands)
Prof. Y. Hosokawa (Japan)
Prof. C. Hua (China)
Dr. S. Karnchanawong (Thailand)
Prof. T. Katsumi (Japan)
Prof. Y. Kawakami (Japan)
Prof. Y.Kim (Korea)
Prof. C.-H. Koh (Korea)
Prof. J. Koseki (Japan)
Prof. G.-X. Li  (China)
Prof. S.-Y. Liu (China)
Prof. M. R. Madhav (India)
Dr. H. M. Nagy (Egypt)
Prof. Y. Nakamura (Japan)
Dr. A. Noorzad (Iran)
Dr. K. Ohgushi (Japan)
Prof. M. Ohtsubo (Japan)
Prof. A. Sridharan (India)
Prof. T. Tingsanchali (Thailand)
Prof. Z. Wang (China)
Prof. L. Xu (China)
Prof. K. Yasuhara (Japan)
Prof. N. Yasufuku (Japan)
Prof. H. Yokota (Japan)
Prof. H.-H. Zhu (China)

Local Technical Committee

Prof. H. Araki (Chair)
Dr. X.-J. Chai
Prof. S. Hayashi
Dr. T. Hino
Dr. T. Inohae
Dr. T. Nagaie
Dr. D. Suetsugu
Dr. H. Yamanishi
Mrs. Q.S. Bushra
Ms. M. Yahiro (Secretary)

Abstract Submission


Please submit abstract (indicating specific theme/area of research) about 300 words to secretary of the symposium  by E-mail, Fax or post (the contact address is given below).  Papers should be related to at least one of the following themes of the symposium :

Geotechnical/Geo-environmental Engineering

Water/Environmental Engineering

City Planning and Management

Coastal Engineering

GIS Application for Lowland Management

Important Dates

Abstract Deadline               :  December 31, 2009 (Extended to 31st January, 2010)
Acceptance of Abstract      :  January 31, 2010 (Extended to 28th February,2010)
Manuscript Deadline           :  April 15, 2010 
Acceptance of Manuscript  :  June 15, 2010
Final Manuscript Deadline :  July 15, 2010

Sponsoring Organizations

Will be announced later.

Conference Language



Ms. M. Yahiro (Secretary)
Institute of Lowland Technology, Saga University
Honjo 1, Saga 840-8502, Japan
Tel       : +81-952-28-8582
Fax      : +81-952-28-8189
E-mail : ialt@ilt.saga-u.ac.jp

Registration Fees (Registration form Download from here)



Before June 30, 2010
After June 30, 2010
Member (IALT/LORA)
Student Member (IALT)
Non Member

Yoshonogari Historical Park, Saga, Japan




Best Presentation Award

Like other ISLT, ISLT 2010 will also award to the best presenters among the young researchers. A certificate and a traditional Japanese Ceramic souvenir written the name of the awardee was given to each.

Name of the receipants who had been awarded the Best Presentation Award in ISLT 2008, Busan, Korea

1. Mr. J.H. Ryu (Korea)

2. Dr. T. Takeyama (Japan)

3. Dr. N. Vongthanasunthorn (Thailand)

4. Ms. Xiao-yu Luo (China)

Name of the receipants who had been awarded the Best Presentation Award in ISLT 2006, Saga, Japan

1. Dr. M.Azizul Moqsud (Bangladesh)

2. Dr. W.F. Abdulrazaq (Canada)

3. Ms. B. Stalenberg (the Netherlands)

4. Mr. S. Li (China)



Best Papers will be considered for LTI Journal

Selected best papers from ISLT 2010 will be considered for the Lowland Technology International (LTI) Journal



The Saga Sightseeing Information


Total 121 papers will be presented in ISLT 2010




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      • An IALT member can see and download all the papers (Journal and Symposium Proceedings) from the IALT website.

      • An IALT member can be a member of Editorial Board Member for the International Journal "Lowland Technology International"



Designed by Dr.M.Azizul Moqsud, Secretary General, IALT

For any question or query regarding to ISLT 2010 or IALT please mail me:

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