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Dr. Marolo, Prof. Miura et al.
When I come to laboratory in the morning, I begin with greetings of "Good Morning!" between Dr Marolo. I studied English for a long time, but it was the first time that I used in real life.

I ate lunch with Dr Marolo, Dr Hino and Ms Tanaka well at university consumers cooperative. Dr Samang joined the lunch sometimes, and there was able to be a thing becoming more cosmopolitan. In the lunch, we spoke our favorite food first and talked about Canada, family, basket and so on pleasantly. We also spoke geotechnical engineering seriously sometimes. It is disappointing for Ms Tanaka and me that it was not eaten lunch with Dr Marolo sometimes.

Dr Marolo ran well at a ground of Saga University. One day I talked to him who returned from running. He just went to K's electricity shop at the same time. He went to look for DVD of " Hauru moving castle" movie to K's electricity shop as a present to his child. Because the movie was shown in Canada in next month, he wanted to show it to his son beforehand. I felt it glad in the one side that was a child guess of him. So Ms Tanaka and I visited many shops the next day in order to find the movie. The movie was not found, and we bought a postcard and a book of it instead of the real one, and then presented it to him. We are afraid whether the present has his son please.

We participated in soft ground meeting in order to hear a lecture of Dr Marolo. It was easy for us to understand because he was using a polite document and lectured. He gave a lecture in Saga University, but was polished in contents more.

I was weak in English, but get possible to hear it gradually. However, I cannot express yet it well even if I get possible to hear English. By an encounter with Dr Marolo, I wanted to get possible to speak English more.

Makiko NAGABE(Thanks to Yuko TANAKA)
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