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@Special Lecture: Environmental Science -Doctor Course-,
@Saga University, March 9, 2010

About Report

Using one piece of A4 paper, write an summary of around 100 words about each theme.

EPresentation time limit:

Until 17:00 of Monday, March 15, 2010

EPresentation place:

ILT Building basement office

SPLecHino_1 lecture document Theme 1:

Physico-Chemical Investigation on Soft Clay Foundation Improved with Deep Mixing Method

<-Download (447KB)

SPLECHino_2 lecture document Theme 2:

Depositional Environment and Geoenvironmental Properties of the Foundation in Yanagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture

<-Download (1,726KB)

SPLecHino_3 lecture document Theme 3:

The Ariake Sea Coastal Road Project in the Saga Lowlands: Properties of Soft Foundations and Use of Dredged Clayey Soil as an Embankment Material

<-Download (1,456KB)

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